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A professional marketer/writer will help you enhance your communications strategy and craft persuasive proposals.

Grant Writing

Researching and writing a grant proposal is a marketing activity, requiring the same skills that a marketing professional uses to write and implement plans.

  • Identify likely funders

  • Background research to understand their requirements and point of view

  • Present your case in terms relevant to the grantor’s issues and goals

  • Communicate clearly and persuasively

  • Measure and evaluate success vs. goals

  • Budgeting and financial management

  • Project management

If you have limited time and a lengthy TO DO list (who doesn’t?), we can provide help wherever you need it:  researching high potential funders, planning and organizing your approach, making contacts, and writing the proposal according to the funders’ requirements. 

Click for our free article: 
Think Like a Marketer When Writing a Grant Proposal


Grant Source Research


Find new funding sources

With all the funding sources available to recognized non-profits, it can be hopelessly time-consuming to search out and identify precisely the foundations, government agencies, or others who share your interests, and would be receptive to your proposal. 

 At nominal cost, we can do the research for you, help prioritize the results, identify the precise requirements of the potential funders you select, then write the proposal…freeing up lots of your time.


Community Awareness Building

How much does the community you serve, and draw donations from, know about how much good you’re doing? 

In today's media environment, there are many cost-effective ways to get the word out…and keep it out there. We’ll help you find what's right for you, and create content that will maximize the opportunities.


Grants Management 


If managing your grants and reporting responsibilities is taking valuable time away from your program activities, consider outsourcing it. We’ll make certain your funders are kept fully aware of your progress and all their requirements met. Stress removal at very reasonable cost.


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