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Get dependable, on-target writing from an experienced pro...

quickly, easily and affordably.

Writing and Editing Services


You know how important it is to stay in touch with your customers. And there are so many free and cost-effective ways to do it. But you're busy and it’s hard to find the time. Let us help.

We can help with...

  • Communications Strategy and Planning – if you haven’t already done this, you really should. With our knowledge, skills and lots of great experience to draw on, we can help.


  • Sales copy - for all media. We write from the users' perspective and find ways to set you apart.


  • Website content - your website needs original material, and it should reinforce your efforts in all the other media.


  • Newsletters/Blogs - a great way to keep your name out there and add value.


  • Ghostwriting - get your message out under your own byline in any format: articles, white papers, newsletters, ebooks, even real books.


  • Presentations - that keep the audience engaged. We can do them from scratch or edit what you have.

  • Articles/PR features - when you have opportunities for free publicity, don't pass them up for lack of writing resources.


Project Management


When you need help with anything that requires knowledge of the creative process…


  • literature,

  • presentations,

  • special promotions,

  • website management,

  • mailings,

  • photography,

  • a/v,

  • new product launches


We can manage the entire project or contribute needed elements.


If your To Do list is longer than your expected lifespan…you need to let us help.


Marketing Services


An effective marketing communications program requires a strategy…and strategy requires a vision. With an experienced outside perspective, we can help you think through the opportunities and develop or refine your vision; then put together an actionable and trackable program that will make it happen.

Click for our free article: How to Use Marketing Communications to Dominate Your Industry

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