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A brief medley of work samples, articles and updates

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Lucky Savannah Vacation Rentals (Home Page Copy):

Already the leading vacation rental company in town, Lucky Savannah wanted to expand the market for vacation home rentals and craft a value proposition that would sustain their brand through economic fluctuations and unforeseen external threats. Renting through Lucky Savannah is key to a complete, carefree and unforgettable experience in Savannah.

Golden Isles Networks: a group of non-competing businesses that meet weekly on St. Simons Island to share business leads, offer advice and referrals, and provide mutual support.




DeLoach Sotheby’s International Realty: The good people at DeLoach Sotheby’s International Realty on St. Simons Island wanted to share as much useful information as possible about this special part of the world we call the Golden Isles. So over a period of several months, I wrote weekly blog posts for their website. Here they are repurposed into an eBook, Life in the Golden Isles.


King & Prince Seafood: Click here for a copy of their eBook on how to attract Millennials with seafood. 


BRAND BUILDING - Unique Selling Proposition

Parisa's Marinara Sauce: There are any number of premium marinara sauces on the market—and some of them are good. So how do we differentiate this one?


Parisa’s sauce comes from years of loving development by a solo entrepreneur devoted to taste and quality. And it shows. It’s so good, it can be used in any number of easy, convenient meals that will taste like restaurant-quality. We attached that idea to every jar, with a folded tag that added yet another, visual differentiation.

Later, when two varieties were added and we needed a sales sheet for foodservice, we kept the origin story and the menu versatility. 




King & Prince Seafood:  The innovative culinary team at King & Prince Seafood developed a versatile and affordable way to add popular seafood delicacies to any menu. Download their online brochures:


Voices from the Civil War: The creators of a story-telling program about lesser-known people and events surrounding the Civil War needed a piece to tell their own story. So we crafted a summary designed to evoke curiosity and requests for more info.  


HomeLife on Glynco: Words and pictures to help the marketing director present a compelling case for taking up residence in a warm, comfortable, worry-free environment.


Creating Engaging Content: We were asked to give a workshop on marketing content writing by the University of Georgia Small Business Development Center. It was an interactive session, and we wrote this presentation to guide the discussion and serve as a handout. 

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Science Fiction Theatre: A client needed some help crafting a novel entertainment program designed for residents of senior living facilities. In honor of President’s Day, they planned to perform a live re-enactment of a classic 1940’s era radio theatre. What would happen, they asked, if George Washington could somehow visit with Abraham Lincoln? What would they talk about?


After settling on the concept and some early setup dialogue, they asked me to complete the rest of the script. It was a fun project, and very well received by the audiences.

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