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Don’t stress over content writing.

Let a professional writer handle it.

Then go to the beach!

But don’t stay too long…
…you’ll have a thriving business to run.

Are unfinished or unstarted writing projects nagging at you?
Costing you opp

​I can help because I’ll put a lifetime of marketing know-how to work for you.

Along with versatile writing skills to create copy

that’s just right for you.


So call me.


Well, maybe not if it’s 3 am.

And not if it’s dark outside.

And if the sun just came up...

...give it some time to wake up

and eat something.

So if the time is right, here’s my number:



Any other time, here’s my email:


You could also text the above number,

but know that it will cause my phone

to make a semi-loud noise.


Need more info? Scroll on.


Communications Strategy

Marketing/Sales Literature


Website copy

Online Content Writing


Internal Communications


Reports/White Papers


Grant Proposal Writing

Grant Source Research

Communications Strategy

Marketing to Your Community

Grants Management and Reporting


If you've done any writing, you know it's hard work. More than once I’ve begun an assignment, only to say, “OMG, I can’t get this. I’ll have to tell this client she made a  mistake hiring me.”


But I’ve never had to do that.


Because it always comes together. Usually after uncounted starts and stops, and next day read-overs when I say to myself “this is trash”, and start over.


It takes extra effort when you’re trying to build an edge for your client into every piece of copy. Something that will set them apart because it has real meaning to their audience.


That’s my approach. Because I’m a writer who is also a marketer…

Articles, Updates and Work Samples

A lot of my work is proprietary, and some of it is published under a client’s name. (I do ghostwriting too). But here are a few samples stolen from the vault. Don’t tell anyone you saw them here.


Every penny you spend on marketing communications is an investment.
Like any other financial investment, you’ll do better with a trained and experienced advisor in your corner…someone to shape, guide, direct, and monitor your communications investments to see that they’re working hard for you, so you get the best return possible.

Maybe you have that person on staff in the form of a marketing communications expert. If not, call us for a really cost-effective way to get experienced help. Or maybe you’re a marketing pro with a lot of priorities and a long TO-DO list, who could use some easy-to-access help.  

Get in touch now, and let's talk about your needs.

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